Project Description
Document T-SQL Code and Extract Comments for all objects in a database.

A full write up can be found here

Here is a short explanation of what T-SQL Code Documentor does:

Consumes the supplied Definition text (See MVC Section below)

  • Using RegEx search for any text in the HTML/XML format <Tag>Some Text</Tag>
  • Validate that all tags have matching Opening and Closing tags.
  • Read the text between the tags and do a bit of scrubbing.
  • Return a Markdown formatted string.

I have a separate MVC project:

  • It provides a connection string and reads all the objects (Schema, Name, Type and Definition)
  • It then Calls the T-SQL Code Documentor ExtractTagContents method for every object
  • Create a Markdown Heading for every Object
  • Append the return string from ExtractTagContents
  • Return an HtmlString to the View.

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